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With the decision of underwear you decide to wear every morning you empower a woman out of poverty and into business via microfiance. Did you know your underwear could do so much?

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Que Viva

A beautiful country with a turbulent past.

Behind Syria, Colombia is second on the list of countries with the most internally displaced people in the world. There are 6.9 million uprooted citizens and counting.* Most were forced from their homes at gunpoint or forced to flee by organized, armed bandits.

But the Colombian spirit is one of resilience and determination. In 2016, Colombia was rated the happiest country in the world for the second time in a row.

Their deepest fire fuels their unparalleled passion. It is no wonder the country’s natural beauty is what dreams are made of.

Nothing intimidates a Colombian woman. They may have been born into challenges but they are not defined by them. They make their own path and stand up for their worth. For their children, their family and their community, Colombian women will succeed at anything they set their mind to – it is in their genes.

*United Nations refugee agency.

Elsa’s Story

“I would describe myself as an entrepreneurial woman, the outcome of tenacity.”

I have fallen and gotten back up and here I am. I have overcome my obstacles and my fears.

I was nine years old when the armed bandits got to the town I lived in. We were ordered to stay locked in our houses; we couldn’t be on the streets. People were being killed.

We had limited time before we would be killed or would have to leave. Where would an entire town go?

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Emiledis’s Story

“Leave the fears behind.”

My mother left us when I was eight. We were seven children and my father took care of us.

When the armed bandits started to take over, my father was very much afraid for his five daughters. He feared that we would be raped… they would say things to us like, “You’re big now, you can take it.” My father thought, “I have to send my kids away as far as possible from this.”

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Shirley’s Story

“I can do anything.”

I always wanted to work, to be on my own. To fight for something, to be someone. My biggest dream was to own a home. I was fearful… I did not believe in myself.

I felt like less than everyone else. That’s one of the things that effects us women. We stay back sometimes. We get stuck and we do not move on.

The circumstances of my life forced me to confront that. I had been cheated, taken advantage of. I had no job, no help from anyone. My son was sick. Everything fell on me. And there seemed to be no solutions. I had to make a decision.

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